Bike Shop Tauranga - Comprehensive Bike Service

Comprehensive Bike Service

Comprehensive Bike Service – $139.95

This bicycle service is ideal if you own a geared bicycle, but want us to service aspects of the bike that wouldn’t normally be serviced during a general bicycle service.

– Remove handle bars, front fork or suspension and clean.

– Re grease headset bearings or replace/check crown/cups for wear.

– Remove axles/bearings/free hub body on wheels.

– Check for wear on axles/cones/bearings/free hub body.

– Re grease bearings/free hub body or replace parts if required.

– Remove tyres and tubes from rims.

– Tension spokes and true wheels/rims.

– Check tyres for wear and any cuts or imbedded objects like glass.

– Install tyres/tubes and inflate to correct pressure.

– Clean driveline on bicycle (Front & Rear Derailleurs, Cassette and Chain)

– Clean & Polish entire bicycle, seat, handlebars, pedals and tyres included.

– Check chain, crank chain wheel, cassette/freewheel for wear and replace if needed

– Remove/install clean and re grease bottom bracket.

– Re grease cantilever brake callipers.

– Adjust brakes and check brake blocks/disc for wear.

– Check/straighten rear derailleur hanger.

– Reset front and rear derailleurs.

– Lubricate all outer brake and gear cables, derailleurs and shifters.

– Lubricate Chain.

– Tune gears and check cables for wear and tear.

– Check and tighten all bicycle components.

– Inflate front or rear suspension to rider weight and terrain.

– Test ride bicycle.

– Adjust seat/handlebar position for rider (optimum rider position for comfort)


Price’s quoted above do not include freight/parts for your bicycle. If they are needed during the service then we will be in contact with you before going ahead.

Price quoted above does not include the servicing of front or rear suspension or hydraulic brake bleeds.

Servicing of front and rear suspensions are not performed during this service, but are available to customers for an additional cost.

Bookings are essential and we ask that you give us sufficient time to complete the service on your bicycle. If we are rushed in any way then this will compromise the quality of our workmanship, which is not in anyone’s best interest.