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Bike Safety Check Service

Bike Safety Check Service – $49.95

This bicycle service is ideal for somebody who has only owned their bike for a short period of time or suitable for children’s, roadster, and cruiser or fixie bikes.  For any other types of bicycles, we recommend that you purchase at least a General Bicycle Service.

– Check for play in cranks, bottom bracket and head set.

– Check tyres for wear and any cuts or imbedded objects like glass.

– Check chain, crank chain wheel teeth, cassette/freewheel/sprocket for wear.

– Check tyre pressures and inflate to correct pressure.

– Adjust brakes and check brake blocks/disc for wear.

– Oil Chain.

– Tune gears and check cables for wear and tear.

– Check and tighten all bicycle components.

– Test ride bicycle.

– Adjust seat/handlebar position for rider (optimum rider position for comfort)


If the wheels on your bicycle are buckled then an additional charge will apply to correct these before the front and rear brakes can be adjusted correctly.  This also applies to bikes with disc brake systems.

If your bicycle derailleur system has been bent out of shape e.g. derailleur hanger then an additional charge to correct this problem first before tuning the gears will apply.

Price’s quoted above do not include freight/parts for your bicycle. If they are needed during the service then we will be in contact with you before going ahead.

Bookings are essential and we ask that you give us sufficient time to complete the service on your bicycle. If we are rushed in any way then this will compromise the quality of our workmanship, which is not in anyone’s best interest.