Environmentally-Friendly Business Practices at Omafiets

At Omafiets we have introduced a recycling program to cut down on how much waste ends up in the local land fill. Since last year we have been trying to look at ways of reducing our waste and trying to recycle  just about everything that comes through the shop.  Whether it’s a whole bicycle, old tubes, spokes, hubs, spoke nipples, tyres, chains, handle bars, plastics, bubble rap, zip ties and cardboard boxes.

Everything we replace when maintaining bicycles in the workshop is either made out of steel, stainless steel, aluminium or brass, so we have created a wheelie bin for each of the metals so we can recycle them. And at the end of the year or when the bins are full,  we can then take them to the scrap metal recyclers and turn trash into cash.

We buy, sell and trade second hand bicycles so we can help recycle and reduce the amount of rubbish that ends up in the local land fill. Every time we receive goods from our suppliers, we keep the cardboard, bubble wrap and courier bags to re-use when sending items out to customers. We have even taken it a step further by reducing the amount of oil based products used in the workshop by introducing New Zealand made lanolin based lubes, greases and sprays which are all 100% natural.

Since introducing our new recycling program we have not only saved money on dumping rubbish, but found there is quite a large number of people in the community who are keen to get behind it. We feel better at the end of the working day knowing we are doing our part to reduce our carbon foot-print.