The following are some unsolicited comments from our customers.


February 2016

I’ve been looking into the growing Euro craze of electric downhill mountain biking and have been into all the big bike shops in Tauranga but with no success. So I didn’t hold much hope when I decided to try the little shop of Omafiets. And just as I thought, they couldn’t help me either…
But what this little shop did have over the bigger ones was a kind, welcoming chap called Kerry who has a wealth of knowledge and a comprehensive workshop with a great selection of new and pre-loved electric bikes. Unfortunately just not specifically what I was looking for yet. And there’s not much this guy doesn’t know about bikes.
So when I did purchased my new bike privately, I had no hesitation I getting Kerry to sort out a few technical issues. He even let me do a bit of the donkey work to save cost.. how rare is that sort of customer service these days.. most shops want every cent they can get.
So I’m making Omafiets my one stop shop for parts and service

Cheers Kerry. Well done

Peter King – Mount Maunganui


Kerry at Omafiets 383 Maunganui Rd Mount Maunganui. Serviced my bike, I purchased 1y’r old Specialized mtb bike off Natural High, it needed a few things doing to it,a mechanic in the area,put a new chain on and gave it a service,i still wasn’t happy with it,so back it went,the cassette was stripped and tightened up!! all to no avail!!

I phoned up Kerry at Omafiets we discussed a few things etc. It turned out the existing cassette was a spaced 7 and should have been an 8, the new 8 speed was fitted on plus a 8 speed shifter,new cables plus a service, brakes would now stop me on a DIME, plus gaurds on the frame new cable ties etc.The bike is now a 24 not 21, and it changes great,and feels really good!! All in all a Proper Job,and i will be using Kerry in the future.

I’ve rode bikes in clubs, round the Pennines etc,training in UK, and here in NZ, for roughly 50 yrs. so i think I can recognise a decent mechanic.

Here’s to sore Bums.

D R Nuttall – Papamoa


I really can’t believe how easy this Omafiets bike is to ride, it is such a comfortable and carefree ride, and I am just delighted.  I don’t think I have ridden a bicycle since I was at High School in the early 1960’s when I used to ride in to Hastings Girls’ High School from Havelock North.

My family had come to live in New Zealand from South Africa in 1957. The oldest three girls (of which I was the youngest) had brought out these gorgeous old bikes with ‘fat’ tyres, they were Rudge bicycles, and that is really the last time I rode a bike, until I got your beautiful Omafiets bike. It is going to open up a whole new world for me.

Again, my thanks to you.

Penelope – Hawkes Bay


I collected my bike yesterday and rode it about 5km’s, it’s fantastic, so very comfortable and responsive, and it looks great also.

The stand and locking ability are so easy to use that it will make for hassle free parking.

I’m sure it’s the only one of it’s kind here in Palmerston North and I hope it generates a few more sales for you, as I will certainly recommend it to anyone who wants a perfect city bike.

Thanks very much again for everything.

Jude – Palmerston North


I spend a month or so in Mt Maunganui each year visiting my grandparents but not having a car can make me feel a bit housebound.

Mt Maunganui is small enough to walk around and about in but riding a bike makes everything so much more accessible and faster to zip to.  What’s more, there really is something so lovely about biking along the road, right next to that glorious beach.

Making my way back to my grandparents’ house one afternoon, I spotted a sign advertising ‘bikes for hire’.

I can’t write highly enough of Kerry and his business.  His products and customer service are of an exceptional quality.  It is so refreshing to meet someone so passionate about their chosen field and who is so committed to providing above and beyond customer service.

Thank you Kerry’s bike for making my last few days here so much more enjoyable and I will see you again in a year or so!

Much luck and love,

Amelia Reynolds


The bike is wonderful.  I absolutely love her and she is perfect for Tonga because our landscape is so flat.

Sue – Tonga


My new bike is wonderful!  It is so comfortable I have been cycling into work most days.  It is so nice not having to rely on a car, and saving petrol is a bonus too.

Danielle – Rotorua


When I first met Bertha,

I fell in love with her, not only did she look great but also she reminded me of my childhood…some years ago in Berlin I was riding the same style of old fashioned bike.

Bertha gets me safely from A to B.  No gear is necessary because she is a city bike.  I sit very comfortably, my knees are protected, my back is straight, my breathing is still the same and I feel safe and secure.  And this is exactly what I was looking for.

Dear Omafiets, thank you very much for Bertha “my bicycle” and also for your excellent service beforehand and still afterwards.  You are doing a great job and  I wish you all the very best for the future.

Tina and Bertha – Rotorua


We cycled down to Fashion Island and back yesterday, and the bike goes great.  It was nice to arrive home without the usual aches from cycling stooped over a high seat with low handlebars.  It speeds along as fast as any bike with gears.

Jeannie – Papamoa


We received the bicycle and put it together.  My wife loves the bike as it is exactly like the bicycles she was used to in the Netherlands.

Thank you very much, great service.

Ida and Thomas – Auckland


I have had a back ache now for 20 years and have always found it difficult to go the distance when out cycling.  Since purchasing my new Omafiets bicycle I now find cycling to be a pain free experience because there is no longer any pressure on my lower back.

Another reason why I bought this bicycle was that I needed a strong safe bike with a carrier on the back which would hold the weight of a 6 year old passenger.  We can now bike to school most days and enjoy all the positive attention we get along the way.

Kerry provided top quality service and has always found time to check my bike over, making sure it is comfortable and safe to ride.

My parents were so impressed with the quality and comfort of my new bike  that my 69 year old mum decided to purchase one for herself.  She loves it just as much as I love my bike and spends most of her day cruising around town visiting her girlfriends.

Anyone looking for a safe, solid, high quality bike to cruise around on should definitely consider looking at one of the bikes for themselves.  I highly recommend these Dutch Bikes and especially Kerry who runs the show because you can be rest assured you will be looked after 100%.

Kerry – Mount Maunganui


I am thoroughly impressed by the quality of service provided by Kerry and want to take this opportunity to convey my appreciation for a job well done.

On a solo bicycle tour of New Zealand, I was passing through the area when I developed a problem with my crank set which was to leave me stranded.  Although Kerry was managing the sales floor as well as the repair shop single handedly at the time, he recognized  the predicament I was in and came to my assistance.

Kerry promptly diagnosed the problem and it became clear the previous shop had fitted the wrong pedal arms to the bottom bracket.  The bottom bracket would have to be replaced before I could continue my month long tour of the country.   However, this job proved to be not as simple as first suspected.

The old bottom bracket was a poor fit on the Cannondale frame with incompatible threads and was seized in the frame.  The bottom bracket removal tool proved useless.  Kerry instead relied on a punch and hammer, along with a heat gun to eventually drive the bottom bracket loose.  It took three hours of labour, a bloody finger and a broken pair of channel lock pliers later before the bottom bracket was removed.

Kerry promptly installed the replacement bottom bracket and returned the shifting , and literally half an hour later I was back on the road and on my way.  Kerry’s pleasant personality and demonstrated dedication to the job at hand was much appreciated.  It was a pleasure dealing with Kerry in Tauranga.

Mohsin Waqar – Oakland, California